What does “Khadi” mean?

Khadi is handloom cloth woven from hand spun yarn. It’s usually cotton but it can also be silk or wool. Khadi is associated in India with Gandhi who in the 1930s attempted to revive village industries, not just weaving and spinning but also papermaking, as a means of generating employment.

What is “rag paper”?

Rag paper is made from cotton (or linen) rags or woven cuttings. Khadi rag papers are made from cotton T-shirt off-cuts. Rag papers have long fibres and are stronger and more durable than papers made from cotton linters which are the short fibres of the cotton plant usually used in papermaking.

What is a deckle edge?

This is the rough uncut edge of a sheet of handmade paper caused by pulp slipping between the mould and the removable frame – the deckle – during the sheet forming process.

Is the paper absorbent?

No. The paper is sized (that means glue is added) at the pulp stage (this is called internal size) and again to the surface of the sheet (tub size). This allows watercolour and ink to remain on the surface rather than soaking into the sheet like blotting paper. For painting in oils you should prime the sheet with acrylic gesso just as you would a canvas.

Can I put the paper through a printer?

The paper is not specifically designed for desktop inkjet or laser printers. However many people have achieved good results with ink jet. We don’t recommend using the paper in laser printers.

What is gsm?

Grammes per square metre. In imperial measurements a 150 pound paper is 320gsm

Do you send to the US?

Yes. Let us know what you want to order and we can quote courier cost. You can also buy through US retailers – see WHERE TO BUY

Can I buy this paper in India?

Yes, you can order from our paper mill in Karnataka. Email us for details.