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‘Waterproof’ trailer by Graham Dean

Graham Dean has sent us a link to a trailer of his new film ‘Waterproof’. He says:
“My intention was to make a new type of documentary film which is a hybrid – a dialogue between painting and film , sensuous, haunting, visceral and revealing which echoes how I work with watercolour and paper in terms of layering, assembling and jig-sawing images together.
I hope this will be of interest to you as much as my work might be. I’m very proud of it, and we are currently working on part two which is the interview section and are half way through the edit.
I have made the film with what you might call a skeleton crew. I have filmed and edited one day a week for a whole year with Joe Murray here in Brighton. My long time collaborator, David Rhodes, has composed the soundtrack (David is currently performing with Kate Bush in London ) and the sound has been done by Tim Oliver at Real World studios. Tim has worked with everyone from Goldfrapp to Sinead O’Connor and Robert Plant. As usual, I have exchanged my paintings with all the above for the enormous work and time for this project –‘Waterproof’. I consider it as much part of my work as my paintings – an extension , where I’m creating new images out of existing ones but these only exist in film form.
Hope you enjoy it.”
Link to YouTube: http://youtu.be/wf01Uiv47KA